Celebrating Christmas: Santa's Pants – Sew-on Rhinestones Manufacturers

2023/11/06   759   Dress, Fashion Accessories, Festive Suppliers-Christmas

Adorned with a variety of colorful sew-on rhinestones, the black leggings showcase Santa (hear their laughter "HOHOHO"), Christmas trees, and various festive motifs. Arranged in red and white, the acrylic rhinestones create the pattern of sweet candy canes, exuding a warm and cozy atmosphere. These designs are meticulously crafted using rhinestones, adding a festive charm and radiance. Hwa Tien, a leading rhinestone manufacturer, provides options for single-hole or double-hole sew-on rhinestone jewelry suitable for various fabrics. We welcome clothing manufacturers for procurement. Interested in sew-on rhinestones? Contact us today!

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