Shiny iPhone case with rhinestone strap 水鑽手持帶 亮麗蘋果手機殼

2020/10/22   274   3C Electronic, Diy Handicraft

The most eye-catching Apple event this year is introducing the new iPhone, especially, the most popular one in Pacific Blue. You would need a crystal mobile phone case with a strap covered shiny rhinestones so the beauty of Pacific Blue iPhone 12 cannot be hidden. Are you ready to make a customised stylish mobile phone case for your customers? Top rhinestone manufacturers of Taiwan, Hwa Tien provides mobile case makers and designers good products with good prices and after-sales services. Contact us now.

每年最引人注目的就是蘋果手機發表會,詢問度最高的太平洋藍機殼。閃亮的水鑽手機殼帶,搭配透明保護面板,不容隱藏的太平洋藍。你準備好幫客人設計手機殼樣式了嗎? 鏵鈿水鑽製造,工廠直營販售。我們提供手機殼製造商,價格合理的產品,多元的選擇,歡迎立即來信詢價




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