Christmas Tree-themed Top : Stick-on Jewels Rhinestone Manufacturer

Christmas Tree-themed Top : Stick-on Jewels Rhinestone Manufacturer

2023/11/28   31336   Dress, Festive Suppliers-Christmas

On the black fabric, utilizing various stick-on jewels, crafting the pattern of a Christmas tree, showcasing the vibrant festive atmosphere of red, green, gold, and white colors during Christmas. These Christmas tree patterns are meticulously created using acrylic rhinestones of different shapes and colors, adding festive charm and brilliance to the clothing. Hwa Tien offers sew-on rhinestones with single or double holes, as well as stick-on jewels suitable for various fabrics. As a rhinestone manufacturer, we provide a diverse range of choices, welcoming clothing manufacturers to make purchases. If you are interested in acrylic rhinestones, please contact us immediately!

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