Heart Rhinestone Chest Bracelet Bra, Rhinestone Manufacturer

Sensual Charm Heart-shaped Rhinestone Chest Bracelet Bra - Rhinestone Manufacturer

2023/5/26   12020   Dress, Wedding Decoration, Fashion Accessories

This fashionable rhinestone chest bracelet bralette is the ultimate accessory for women, worn outside of the bra, providing great support. The bralette is adorned with numerous sparkling acrylic rhinestones, arranged in a beautiful heart shape that perfectly contours the curves of the breasts. Whether paired with a white blazer or other attire, it adds a touch of sensual charm to the overall look, exuding confidence, and captivating radiance.  As a leading rhinestone manufacturer, rhinestones of Hwa Tien are ideal for various fabric materials. You can attach rhinestones to fabric. Contact us now!


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