Wine Red Rhinestone Flip-Flops – Acrylic Gemstone Maker

Wine Red Rhinestone Flip-Flops – Acrylic Gemstone Maker

2023/3/17   14342   Shoes, Diy Handicraft

These wine-red rhinestone flip-flops are not only fashionable but also practical. They are suitable for various occasions, such as beaches, swimming pools, homes, and even for leisurely activities. Whether for daily life or vacation travel, they can easily add a touch of joy to your life. The use of wine-red rhinestones on the footwear surface adds more beauty and magnificence to them. Hwa Tien is one of the professional rhinestone manufacturers in Taiwan, all the acrylic gemstones we make are suitable for use on footwear and fabrics. Contact us now.

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Source: Instagram @solarispedrarias & Pinterest

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