Wish-For-Success Pink Rabbit Rhinestone Ornament – Rhinestone Craft Supplies

2023/2/6   1106   Imitation Jewellery Accessories, Festive Suppliers-Christmas, Houseware, Diy Handicraft, Gift Stationery

Hwa Tien makes rhinestones of various sizes, suitable for application in various jewellery accessories and ornaments. For example, in this Wish-For-Success Pink Rabbit Rhinestone Ornament, the finished product is about the size of a fingertip, covered with hundreds of pink and white acrylic stones, and the bunny's eyes and nose are dotted with black rhinestones to complete this small and fine ornament. Hwa Tien is rhinestones craft supplies. Welcome for handicraft stores and industries to contact us now and get a catalogue and quote.


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