Jeweled Pin Dragon Decor for Lunar New Year

Jeweled Pin Dragon Decor for Lunar New Year

2024/1/11   1746   Imitation Jewellery Accessories, Festive Suppliers-Christmas, Houseware

This jeweled pin jade dragon decor, adorned with various shapes and sizes of jade green rhinestones, including droplet-shaped, diamond-shaped, olive-shaped, and rectangular ones, skillfully highlights the dragon's magnificent scales. Tiny round jewels are delicately placed on the dragon's head, horns, claws, and tail, enhancing the details and grandeur of the dragon. This exquisite jade dragon decor is perfect for the Lunar New Year, especially during the Year of the Dragon, bringing a rich festive atmosphere to your home. As one of the professional rhinestone jewelry suppliers, Hwa Tien welcomes jewelry and home decor businesses to contact us, creating a distinctive style for your product lines.


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