Flower Fairy - The Magic of Acrylic Rhinestone on Nails

Flower Fairy - The Magic of Acrylic Rhinestone on Nails

2023/9/12   16547   Nail Beauty

As a professional acrylic beads wholesale provides rhinestones craft supplies, Hwa Tien offers excellent quality acrylic rhinestone craftsmanship. These tiny gems can be used to embellish flower centers and nail edges. This nail art is like stepping into the realm of flower fairies. Using a light pink base, delicate brushstrokes create a three-dimensional texture of red flowers and green leaves. Paired with intricate 3D acrylic rhinestones, the flower fairy comes to life. They bestow a unique brilliance to rhinestone nail designs, elevating nail art to the level of fine art. We warmly welcome nail industry manicurists and studios to purchase our Acrylic beads and rhinestones. Contact us now and embark on this magical journey together!


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