DIY Bling Lemon Sparkling Water Can As A New Home Decoration – Rhinestones Craft Supplies

2023/02/24   8223   Houseware, Diy Handicraft, Gift Stationery

Choose rhinestones of the corresponding colour to stick on a can of lemon sparkling water. Select silver rhinestones to symbolize the bubbles rising. Then choose green and yellow rhinestones to embellish in a pattern of sour lemon. Finally, the chill blue rhinestones are added, like sparkling water just taken out of the refrigerator to quench your thirst. It can be used as home decor. Hwa Tien rhinestone manufacturer, we supply rhinestones craft supplies for various DIY bling ideas. Shine your brand, contact us now.

DIY_Bling_Sparkling_Can_Rhinestones_Craft_Supplies (1).jpg

DIY_Bling_Sparkling_Can_Rhinestones_Craft_Supplies (2).jpg

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