Color-Chart Rhinestone Necklace - Acrylic Gemstone Factory

Color-Chart Rhinestone Necklace - Acrylic Gemstone Factory

2023/5/22   12883   Wedding Decoration, Imitation Jewellery Accessories

This rhinestone necklace features unique designs on each chain. One chain is adorned with rhinestones in different colors, shapes, and sizes, including circular and droplet-shaped acrylic gemstones. The other two chains feature rhinestones in T-shape and rectangle, arranged in different patterns. The various colors of rhinestones on the necklace form a beautiful color chart, making it very dainty, exquisite, fashionable and trendy. Hwa Tien is one of the leading rhinestone jewelry suppliers in Taiwan, owning a gemstone factory that specializes in acrylic rhinestones. All of our products are SGS certified, making them perfect for creating fast fashion necklaces and accessories. Let us help you increase your profit by attaching our rhinestones to your products. Contact us now.


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