Poetic Blossom: Shoeblack Plant and Songbird Acrylic Gems Ring

2024/01/25   24643   Fashion Accessories, Imitation Jewellery Accessories

This exquisite acrylic gems ring cleverly incorporates indigo and crimson gems arranged both in the inner and outer petals, presenting the fresh beauty of the shoeblackplant blossom. Colorful songbird flys on the Rose of Sharon, creating a poetic and picturesque scene. The transparent gems, akin to flowing nectar, add a sparkling touch. Depending on the acrylic gem's size, various ornaments can be crafted. As a dedicated acrylic gemstone maker specializing in acrylic gemstones, Hwa Tien is committed to supplying unique acrylic gemstones for craftsmanship accessory manufacturers. Contact us to create delicate and distinctive products.


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